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Tessa Bolsover is a visual artist and writer based in Portland, Oregon. She is currently the co-director of OV Project Space

Selected Features and Publications 

The Editorial Magazine, Paper Journal, WAX Magazine, Latent Image, Phases Magazine, Eve Without Adam, Dreck Magazine,  Ballad Of... Magazine, Mossless Magazine, CUS Photo, Dream Fever Magazine, Debris Magazine, Dry Magazine, Super Massive Black Hole, Violet Rising, La Maison Wertn


"Things I've Found" Group show at UNA Gallery. Portland, Oregon. March 2017. 
"soon our bodies will be other buildings" Solo installation for the Vignettes 'Marquee' series. Seattle, Washington. February 2017.
"Nasty Women" Group show at Killjoy Collective, Portland, Oregon. February 2017.
"Lapse" Solo show at Pushdot Studio. Portland, Oregon. December - January 2016-17.
"Subterrain" Group show at OV Gallery. Portland, Oregon. October 2016.
"Untitled (Blue)" Solo show at Stumptown Coffee. Portland, Oregon. July 2016. 
"Sliver" Solo show for The Blush Room. Online gallery. June 2016. 
"Saturation Festival" Group show. Riverside, California. June 2015. 
"Johnston Multimedia Exhibition" Group show at the University of Redlands. Redlands, California. April 2015. 
"Visual Literacy" Group show at the University of Redlands. Redlands, California. April 2014. 


2015 BA Creative Writing and Art, University of Redlands, Johnston Center For Integrative Studies

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